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By Nicole - 12th July, 2022 | Posted in Other
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In June, the Sychem team, accompanied by some of our most prestigious clients, took a trip to Italy to visit our partner Steelco!

It was a fantastic few days, with trips to the factories, providing a valuable insight into Steelco’s vast product portfolio and the technicalities of the machines.

The marketing department were lucky enough to join this trip, and what a brilliant experience it was for the team.

We would also like to say an enormous thank you to Steelco for being such gracious hosts.

What were we up to?

After flying to Italy, we visited the Steelco S.p.A. factory in Balegante, and received a guided tour of the facility. At the washer factory, the vast scope of Steelco’s customisable solutions were made evident to us, as they showed some of the bespoke machines created for their distinguished client base.

It was fascinating to take a tour of the facilities, and to gain a real insight into the differences in each machine created. For example, when looking at the equipment manufacturing for Healthcare, it was astounding to see how large certain machines, such as the LC80 Trolley washer, were.

On the second day, we took a visit to the steriliser factory to have a look at the diverse range of steam sterilising autoclaves and low-temperature sterilisers. Once again, we were taken aback by the size of some of the machines, showcasing the vast capabilities that Steelco’s complete portfolio offers its clients.

After two informative and educational days of seeing the machines in the factories, we were lucky enough to go for some traditional Italian food with Steelco, the clients and the rest of the Sychem team.

It was a truly brilliant few days filled with factual information, fine food and even a little bit of fun!

Steelco partnership

Sychem and Steelco have worked together since 2008 to support various facilities across the UK. Steelco is a leading Italian manufacturer of equipment & systems for the washing, disinfection, and sterilisation of medical instruments, glassware, cages, and bottles. Together, we operate in the Healthcare, Laboratory, Life Science and many other industries, offering complete and customised solutions to our clients.

Steelco S.p.A is an Italian company leader in the production of devices and apparatus for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation designed explicitly for the Medical, Laboratory, Research and Pharmaceutical industries. Steelco manufactures devices which are able to: Reprocess medical devices used in outpatient, surgical and endoscopic environments; Maintain laboratories and research environments protected against the risk of cross contaminations and to offer productive solutions for the sanitisation, sterilisation and maintenance of animal rooms; Serving the global pharma industry with washers and sterilisation system, compliant to cGMP documentation and dedicated to production materials and end-products; Effectively manage the cleansing and sterilisation of laboratory glassware through highly versatile solutions. Steelco offers to its clients complete and customised solutions.

Sychem are incredibly proud to be partners with Steelco.

Equipment portfolio

Sychem, working in partnership with Steelco, offers an extensive range of Decontamination equipment to a variety of sectors. Steelco and Sychem are the number one supplier of Decontamination equipment to Private Healthcare facilities in the UK. Our complete portfolio includes:


  • Instrument washer disinfectors
  • Trolley washer disinfectors
  • Ultrasonic washers
  • Glassware washer disinfectors
  • Large range and automated tunnel washers


  • Steam sterilisers
  • Low temperature sterilisers
  • Steam sterilisers for Laboratory
  • Steam sterilisers for Life Science
  • Bulk capacity autoclaves

Take a look at the Sychem LinkedIn account to see what we got up to on our trip to Steelco!

To find out more about our complete portfolio of equipment, take a look at our autoclaves page and our washers page.

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Visit the Steelco website for more information on their complete product portfolio.


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