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By Nicole - 9th March, 2021 | Posted in Healthcare, Biomedical, Laboratory
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At Sychem, we provide an extensive portfolio of infection control consumables, capital equipment and Servicing options and contracts.
Our capital equipment is manufactured by our Italian partner Steelco, and includes a range of Washers and Autoclaves.
Our Autoclaves come in all shapes and sizes, for use predominantly in Healthcare settings, Laboratories and Biomedical facilities.

What is an Autoclave?

Arguably the most effective sterilisation method for glassware and laboratory equipment, Autoclaves are vessels that use clean steam under high pressure to sterilise equipment. Sometimes referred to as porous load sterilisers, Autoclaves are commonly used to sterilise reusable medical devices & Laboratory equipment after decontamination. The machines come in various sizes, ready to meet the customer and facility’s needs.
When using an Autoclave, the items that are going to be sterilised are placed within the machine’s chamber, and the Sterilisation process can take place.

What is Sterilisation?

The process of Sterilisation kills and destroys all types of microorganisms and microbial life, including viruses, bacteria and resistant bacterial spores, using either physical or chemical methods. The process however, is not necessarily effective against prions. As there is no way to detect all organisms on a device, the term sterile can be used when the potential bio-burden (the number of devices on a device) has been significantly reduced, to the point that there is less than a one in a million chance of any surviving. (This can be expressed mathematically as a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 or 1:1 000 000).

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Advantages of using Autoclaves over other Sterilisation techniques

The use of a porous load Autoclave has many advantages over other sterilisation methods, including:
• Reliable and effective
• Low in cost
• Easy to produce
• Leaves no chemical residues
• Non-toxic
• Can be easily monitored, controlled and validated
Autoclaves are the preferred choice for sterilising medical devices and Laboratory equipment, and it is far quicker than other sterilisation techniques.

Steelco Autoclaves

Our range of Steelco Autoclaves come in a variety of sizes for use in different industries. We supply to Healthcare settings, Life Sciences, Laboratories, Veterinary practices, Pharmaceuticals, Dental clinics, and pathology departments, each machine differing depending on the requirements of the industry.
All our Autoclaves are manufactured by our Italian partner Steelco. We have worked closely with Steelco since 2008 and utilise our joint expertise in the field to continue supplying a range of industries with a comprehensive range of capital equipment.

To view the full range of Steelco Autoclaves, and see what else our partner provides, visit their website today.

For further detail on what Autoclaves Sychem provide for Healthcare, Life Sciences and Laboratory applications, visit our Autoclaves page. Alternatively, for advice and guidance on which Autoclave product is best for your application, get in touch with one of our team by calling 0845 644 6824, or emailing us at [email protected].


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