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Sychem are experts in Infection Control solutions and supply a range of chemicals and consumables designed to combat infection. We specialise in Disinfection, Sterilisation, and Decontamination across various sectors, including Healthcare, Laboratory, and Life Science research. Sychem provides numerous infection control consumables to find the right solution for your business.

What is Infection Control?

Infection Control is, quite simply, the process that prevents or stops the spread of infections in Healthcare Settings. It is when improvement or change occurs to interrupt and monitor a key transmission pathway.

What is a Transmission Pathway?

A Transmission Pathway is the route a microorganism (a bug or a germ) uses to travel from one location to another. Infection Control is a simple management technique that can transform and improve a facility by identifying risks that are affecting the processes and procedures of a facility.

In healthcare settings, infection control solutions prevent Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) from being transmitted to patients, staff or visitors. By using our range of Infection control consumables, the level of protection is raised, and the risk posed by HAI’s is lowered.

The four main transmission pathways are:

  • Hands and Skin
  • Surfaces
  • Water
  • Air

Here at Sychem, we are specialists in ‘interrupting’ key transmission pathways using our extensive product portfolio. With our range of chemicals, Steelco Autoclaves and Washers, we destroy Infection through Decontamination and Sterilisation methods. Sychem specialises in ‘monitoring’ decontamination and sterilisation methods through the use of our comprehensive variety of Infection Control Consumables. These products are designed to ensure processes are maintained, and regulatory guidelines are followed. The performance of the process is crucial to ensuring the quality and conformance of any Sterilisation or Decontamination process.

Sychem Protect Hand sanitiser in use

Sectors of operation

Sychem supplies Infection Control solutions and consumables to a number of sectors, including Healthcare, Laboratory, Life Sciences, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Veterinary & Pet care, Dental, Personal Care & Cosmetics and many more. Infection Control is essential in almost every sector, and we provide the correct form of Infection Control required for your business.

Our Consumables

We offer a range of products, manufactured by our partners Terragene and Hygiena.

As the UK exclusive partner for Terragene, we supply several of their products, including Traceability Devices, Protein Residue Testing, Biological Indicators, Chemical Indicators and Cleaning Indicators. Terragene are an Infection Prevention giant, who we have proudly partnered with since 2017. All products that we supply are used in the Healthcare sector under current legislation, and can also be used in other sectors.

ATP Hygiene Monitoring is a part of our Infection Control solutions service that we offer due to our partnership with Hygiena. There is a universal need across all industries to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices, ensuring businesses can operate safely- ATP Hygiene Monitoring systems can make certain of this. Sychem and Hygiena have worked in partnership since 2004 to provide a range of industry-leading ATP hygiene monitoring and rapid microbial detection systems. At Sychem, we supply Healthcare, Food processing and Research facilities with their preferred choice from our range of ATP hygiene monitoring systems and swabs. The ATP hygiene monitoring system features cutting edge designs, state-of-the-art technologies & simple-to-use devices for guaranteed performance and reliability in any environment.

Infection Control Chemical & Cleaning Indicators

Sychem Infection Control Solutions

With the aid of our infection control solutions, consumables and processes, we can minimise the chances of infection occurring or cross-contamination happening. Our solutions can help a variety of industries, whether it be food processing, healthcare sterile service departments, dental clinics, veterinary practices, tattoo and piercing parlours, pharmaceutical or diagnostic laboratories.

Visit the Terragene webpage to discover more about their full range of Infection Prevention products, and visit the Hygiena webpage to learn more about ATP Hygiene Monitoring.

Sychem Protect Hand sanitiser Bathroom pump


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