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By Anais Eusebio - 2nd June, 2021 | Posted in Other
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Sychem provides various infection control solutions for your business

Infection control could be simply referred to as the process by which improvement or change occurs to interrupt and monitor a key transmission pathway.

What is the transmission pathway? It is the route a microorganism (a bug or a germ) uses to travel from one location to another. Not many people consider the simplicity behind infection control management but here at Sychem, we strive to enable individuals the knowledge and confidence to better serve their facilities via the identification of the risks affecting their processes and procedures. The 4 main transmission pathways are;

  • Hands and Skin
  • Surfaces
  • Water
  • Air

Here at Sychem, we are specialists in “interrupting” the key transmission pathways via the use of disinfection and cleaning chemicals and sterilisation and decontamination equipment such as autoclaveswashers & decontamination locks. In addition to this, we specialise in “monitoring” these processes via the use of our extensive range of infection control consumables to ensure processes are maintained and performance in keeping with regulatory guidelines. Process performance is crucial in ensuring the quality and conformance of any sterilisation or decontamination process.

With the aid of our infection control consumables and processes, we can minimise the chances of infection occurring or cross-contamination happening. Our solutions can help a variety of industries; whether it be food processing, healthcare sterile service departments, dental clinics, veterinary practices, tattoo and piercing parlours, pharmaceutical or diagnostic laboratories.



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