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By Nicole - 2nd March, 2021 | Posted in All sector
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At Sychem, we’re experts in Effective Sterilisation Methods, specializing in Steam Sterilisation Process and Healthcare Sterilisation Techniques. Our range includes cutting-edge washing and decontamination equipment, ideal for Healthcare, Laboratories, and Research facilities. We focus on Industrial Autoclave Use and steam sterilisers, renowned for their Steam Sterilisation Efficiency, crafted by our Italian partner, Steelco.

Steelco offers a ‘full range of high-capacity autoclaves’, ensuring the perfect fit for any central sterilisation supply department.

What is Steam Sterilisation?

Steam sterilisation, a method of achieving Medical Equipment Sterilisation, involves exposing items to saturated steam under pressure. This process enhances heat’s effectiveness in destroying microorganisms, reducing the time and temperature required to denature proteins. The steam’s quality varies based on the application and industry.

While there are various sterilisation methods, the use of moist heat forming saturated steam under pressure is common and reliable.

Where to use Steam Sterilisation?

Steam sterilisation through autoclaves is versatile, serving industries like Healthcare, Laboratory, and Life Science. Each sector has specific sterilisation levels for daily operations. In Healthcare, steam for processing medical instruments must comply with EN285 and HTM01-01.

Other sectors, like Laboratories or Biomedical facilities, have more flexibility in steam quality, often opting for process steam from lower-grade water.

Steam Quality considerations include non-condensable gases, Steam Dryness, and Super Heat levels.

The optimal composition of steam is 3% liquid and 97% gas—any change in the percentage of moisture increases or decreases sterilisation time. In practice, sterilisation time is calculated according to optimum steam conditions and steam’s ability to transfer energy to the non-sterile load prior to sterilisation.

Autoclave vs series installation - Steam Sterilisation

Advantages of Steam Sterilisation

Steam sterilisation stands out for its low cost, high safety levels, and efficacy, especially in Healthcare. It’s effective for various medical equipment, with CSSD staff adhering to manufacturer instructions for optimal use.

Sychem’s steam sterilisers blend high productivity with cost efficiency, enhancing CSSD economy.

Our steam sterilisers

Sychem offers a diverse range of steam steriliser autoclaves from Steelco, suitable for various industries. From small dental clinics to large Healthcare facilities, our autoclaves meet diverse needs.

Discover our wide autoclave selection, and choose the right sterilisation method for your facility. For further inquiries or purchase details, please contact us.

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