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By Nicole - 15th March, 2022 | Posted in Healthcare
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Sychem offers services and equipment to a range of industries, which sometimes results in us working with an AP(D).

Discover what an AP(D) is, and which industries they work in.

What is an AP(D)?

The term AP(D) stands for Authorised Person (Decontamination). An AP(D) is a crucial part of monitoring the decontamination process, checking the day to day operational management within a facility. A part of the job role of an AP(D) is carrying out practical implementation, checking the operation of safety policy and undertaking procedures that relate to engineering aspects.

Validation and Testing 

In Healthcare facilities, it is essential that Validation and Testing is carried out on machines under the current legislation.

At Sychem, we offer equipment Validation & Testing services after the installation of machinery has taken place. It is essential for facilities to provide evidence that equipment is working as it should be, and with our team of 25+ service& test people based across the UK, Sychem can provide sites with this.

As per the current standard of UK regulatory laws, all tests are conducted to meet the latest EN285, EN15883, BS2646, HTM 01-01 and HTM 2030/2010 protocols for washing and decontamination equipment. The Authorised Person (Decontamination) plays a vital role in this process, and is responsible for checking the acceptance criteria for operational and performance testing. The AE(D) also checks the weekly, quarterly and annual reports after they have taken place.

VS Easy load healthcare autoclave- AP(d)

What is in the job role of an AP(D)?

The role of an AP(D) consists of many tasks, including authorising the use of decontamination equipment after any major repair works, refurbishment or testing has taken place. In addition, internal auditing, engineering management of all decontamination equipment and direct involvement with the refurbishment or replacement of equipment is carried out by the AP(D).

The Authorised Person (Decontamination) liaises directly with the AE(D), and the Decontamination Lead’s to ensure the facility operates as it should be.

AP(D) and CP(D)

An essential part of the Authorised Person’s role is to work with the CP(D) (Competent Person Decontamination). One crucial task is to check the CP(D)’s Certificates/ Competency records, to ensure the continued registration of the CP(D)’s, and this should be carried out annually and recorded. Another essential part of the AP(D) job role includes the line management and/or appointment of the CP(D).

AP(D)’s and Health and Safety

The AD(P) also has a role within the Health and Safety side of the decontamination process, tasked with the responsibility of carrying out risk management, performing risk assessments and ensuring that there are safe systems of work. Safety is of the highest priority. The Authorised Person takes on the responsibility of liaising with the user and any other technical support personnel, to enable them to discharge their responsibilities for the management decontamination effectively.

 Health Technical Memorandum

According to the HTM (Health Technical Memorandum ), ‘The AP(D) will be an individual possessing adequate technical knowledge and having received appropriate training, appointed in writing by the Designated Person (in conjunction with the advice provided by the AE(D)), who is responsible for the practical implementation and operation of Management’s safety policy and procedures relating to the engineering aspects of decontamination Equipment.’

Where do AP(D)’s operate?

The role of an Authorised Person (Decontamination) has a place in a wide variety of industries. Some sectors of operation for the AP(D) include Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Companies, Veterinary Surgeries, Field Hospitals, Walk-in Centres, Insurance Companies and Dental practices.

To find out more about the roles within the decontamination industry, find out What an AE(D) is, or read the HTM 01-01 to learn more.

View our full range of autoclaves and washers to discover the types of equipment AP(D)’s would work with.


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