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By Nicole - 15th March, 2022 | Posted in Healthcare, Facilities, Hospitality
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Hygiena’s SuperSnap surface test is the most sensitive ATP test in Hygiena’s portfolio, and it works hand-in-hand with Hygiena’s EnSURE Touch Monitoring System to provide superior repeatability, linearity, sensitivity, and accuracy over other ATP systems.

The Hygiena SuperSnap Surface test works to verify cleaning processes within a range of industries.

What is the SuperSnap?

It is a self-contained, high-sensitivity surface test, that is the most sensitive ATP swab in Hygiena’s line of ATP devices. Combined, the swab test and luminometer create a system used to monitor the cleaning levels on surfaces in various industries.

What are the benefits of using this ATP Hygiene Monitoring test?

There are many benefits to using Hygiena’s SuperSnap ATP test, over the use of other tests on the market. Some of the benefits include:

• A patented device design that ensures maximum sample collection and recovery

• A more sensitive liquid stable reagent able to detect the lowest levels of ATP

• The perfect swab for meeting the highest hygiene standards of the food and beverage industry

• A robust reagent that is resistant to sanitiser effects

• Made of 100% recyclable plastic

• A 15-month shelf life at refrigerated temperature (2 – 8 °C)

• A 4-week shelf life at room temperature (21 – 25 °C)

How does it work?

The Hygiena UltraSnap ATP Surface Test works by measuring adenosine triphosphate, more commonly known as ATP, which is the energy molecule found in all living cells. All forms of organic matter contain ATP, as does microbial contamination on a surface contains ATP; however, it is typically in smaller amounts.

Therefore, after the proper cleaning procedure takes place, the levels of ATP should be reduced significantly.

Once a sample is collected and ATP is put into contact with the unique liquid stable Luciferase/Luciferin reagent in the UltraSnap test device, light is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present in the sample.

The luminometer measures the light generated and reports results in Relative Light Units (RLU). The RLU result provides the necessary information on the level of contamination within seconds. The higher the RLU figure, the more ATP present and therefore the dirtier the surface, which would indicate that the cleaning process needs to be carried out again.

What is the SuperSnap used for?

This surface swab test is used for Hygiene Monitoring, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)-related monitoring of processing equipment, cleaning validation and other environmental monitoring, such as allergen prevention programs.

The Hygiena SuperSnap has enhanced sensitivity, and is designed to detect incredibly low levels of organic residue, with tolerance to harsh samples that could affect the bioluminescence reaction.

By incorporating SuperSnap into a food safety program, any potential risks and issues are recognised in real-time, so corrective action can be implemented effectively.

SuperSnap’s sensitivity

This surface swab test is four times more sensitive than the UltraSnap surface ATP test and is 100 times more sensitive than other systems on the market when used with the Ensure Touch ATP Monitoring system. The SuperSnap test is five times more resistant to acid-based sanitisers, and ten times more resistant to alkali-based sanitisers.

Hygiena’s SuperSnap test device is 100 times more sensitive than any other system on the market when used with the EnSURE Touch monitoring system.

Hygiena SuperSnap product

Our Hygiena products

At Sychem, we offer an extensive portfolio of Hygiena products for monitoring ATP. These include our ATP Hygiene Monitoring systems, the EnSURE Touch and the SystemSURE Plus, and our range of swabs including:


For more information about Hygiena  ATP Surface tests, have a look at our SuperSnap Sell Sheet Hygiena

Visit our page to discover more about ATP Hygiene Monitoring and testing, or visit the Hygiena webpage to browse their full product portfolio.



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