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By Nicole - 9th March, 2021 | Posted in Healthcare
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At Sychem, we operate in a number of sectors, including Healthcare, Laboratory, Life Sciences, Dental practices and Veterinary services. In these industries, many different roles, including AE(D)’s, are essential With our decades of experience in the industry, we are experts in Disinfection, Sterilisation and Decontamination. We offer countless services, consumables and equipment to our diverse range of prestigious clients. One of our most significant sectors of operation is Private Healthcare and NHS Pathology facilities within the UK, where the role of an AE(D) is crucial.

What is an AE(D)?

AE(D) is the acronym given to describe the title of an Authorising Engineer in Decontamination, whose primary role is to provide impartial advice and auditing on all aspects of decontamination. This includes advice and auditing the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of medical devices, associated instruments and relevant accessories within the acute Healthcare sector.

The role of an AE(D) can also include giving any advice and input on the design of Decontamination Facilities. Furthermore, they may have an input on the specifications and procurement of decontamination equipment, such as sterilisers, washer-disinfectors, Automatic Endoscope Repressors (AER’s), endoscope drying cabinets and for human waste containers and ultrasonic cleaners.

CSSD MG 1125 Instrument washer disinfectors by Steelco AE(D)

What does the job role of an AE(D) entail?

An essential part of the job role of the AE(D) will be to carry out the auditing of decontamination processes, auditing decontamination equipment and validation and testing reports. In addition, depending on the sector of operation, the AE(D) might also provide a similar service to the Primary Care, Biomedical, Laboratory, Veterinary, Medical Device Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sectors.

Some responsibilities undertaken by an Authorising Engineer in Decontamination include:

  • Audits of annual and quarterly reports on sterilisation and decontamination equipment
  • Issuing Specifications for new autoclaves, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic washers.
  • Specifications for gaseous hydrogen peroxide sterilisers.
  • Specifications for trolley washers.
  • Specifications for automated endoscope processors.
  • Writing of Operational Policies.
  • Advice on instrument tracking systems and marking technologies.
  • Advice on containment systems and packaging materials.
  • Advice on air handling systems supplying clean rooms.
  • Advice on works necessary to upgrade existing facilities to comply with standards and guidelines.
  • Advice on works necessary to provide new facilities to comply with standards and guidance.

Legal requirements in the Healthcare sector

As defined in Health Technical Memoranda 01-01 and 01-06, if a facility is involved in manufacturing and reprocessing medical devices, then AE(D) services are essential to the correct decontamination process being carried out.

The Choice Framework for Local Policy and Procedures, which is referred to as (CFPP)01-01 Management and Decontamination of surgical instruments (Medical Devices) used in acute care, Part A, defines the typical management structure, key personnel, and relationships relating to decontamination in the healthcare sector. In addition, it sets out under sections 5.27 to 5.34 the core duties and responsibilities and necessary qualifications for an AE(D).

autoclaves healthcare

Sychem and Decontamination

We offer an extensive portfolio of Autoclaves and Washers manufactured by our Italian partner Steelco. An Industry-leader, Steelco equipment is recognised globally, and we at Sychem are incredibly proud to work with them. With equipment for all industries and sectors, Sychem’s wealth of experience has made us experts within the decontamination process.

As Steelco’s leading provider of decontamination equipment to Private Healthcare facilities in the UK, Sychem supplies equipment to hundreds of happy customers nationwide.

Browse our diverse selection of Autoclaves and Washers (available in a diverse range of sizes) to discover the right fit for your facility, or browse Steelco’s full range of Capital Equipment on their webage.

For any further questions about our Autoclaves, Washers and other decontamination equipment, or additional information required, contact a member of our team today [email protected]


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