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ATP Monitoring – Our Partnership with Hygiena

Working together in partnership since 2004, Sychem and Hygiena provide a range of industry-leading ATP hygiene monitoring and rapid microbial detection systems.

Utilising advanced technologies and designs to deliver rapid microbial detection, monitoring and identification solutions, we supply solutions to several industries including food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and personal care.

What is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)?

Adenosine Triphosphate, commonly known as ATP is an energy molecule found in all living cells that allow cellular metabolism. The presence of ATP can be detected in all forms of organic matter including bodily fluids, blood and bacteria.

There are various types of organic matter present on surfaces in healthcare facilities including bodily fluids, blood, and bacteria. Any organic matter left on surfaces can become a point of cross-contamination between staff and patients, potentially leading to hospital-acquired Infections (HAIs), if cleaning isn’t correctly undertaken.

Where Should ATP Testing be Used?

ATP testing can be used in several industries as a verification method for cleaning processes.

Depending on the regulatory nature of each industry, some industries such as food and beverage and healthcare are stricter than others with regard to where ATP testing needs to be conducted.

It is however predominately used within healthcare and food and beverage facilities to confirm that the presence of ATP has been eliminated through adequate cleaning and sanitation procedures.

When Should You Test for ATP?

One common misconception of the ATP monitoring process is that pre and post-cleaning measurements must be taken to measure the cleaning process. However, this is not the case and users should not swab a visibly dirty surface. Collecting samples from visibly contaminated surfaces could inhibit the reaction from the ATP test which will result in a failed test. 

The best time to carry out an ATP test is after the initial clean, but before sanitising the surface. This is because sanitiser is not effective on a dirty surface.

Our Portfolio of ATP Hygiene Monitoring Systems

EnSURE Touch:

The EnSURE Touch is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports data from trusted quality test devices, providing rapid and accurate sanitation verification data.

The system features an intuitive smartphone design providing a user-friendly system, and enzyme test devices for multiple food safety and quality tests. This system is used most commonly in food and beverage and hospitality industries.

EnSURE Touch

SystemSURE Plus:

The SystemSURE Plus is a cleaning verification system that consists of a luminometer, ATP test devices and the SureTrend dashboard. These three parts work together to assist in the tracking and measuring of your cleaning program across multiple locations.

A quantitative replacement for fluorescent cleaning gels, the SystemSURE Plus quantifies your cleaning outcomes in 15 seconds and provides a measurable result.

This result helps improve cleaning outcomes and reduce the risk of Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). This system is used most commonly in healthcare settings.

Hygiena 02 ATP Monitoring

What is an ATP swab?

An ATP swab works in conjunction with our Hygiene Monitoring Systems and is used to test for the presence of ATP on a surface or within a solution to measure the cleanliness levels of a facility.

Our Portfolio of ATP Swabs

Our portfolio consists of a complete range of Hygiena ATP surface and solution test swabs.

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