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By Nicole - 21st February, 2022 | Posted in Healthcare, Facilities, Hospitality
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The Hygiena EnSURE Touch is the ‘most sensitive and intuitive system’ on the market. Featuring an Innovative Smartphone Design, Centralised Cloud-Based Reports and the ability to carry out a wide range of tests,  the EnSURE Touch is an advanced monitoring unit that collects, analyses and reports data from various trusted quality test devices. 

The EnSURE Touch gives results in as little as 10 seconds!

ATP Hygiene Monitoring

There is a universal need across all industries to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices, to ensure businesses operate correctly and safely. Contaminated surfaces and equipment can lead to rapid microbial contamination, and ultimately the infection of both patients and personnel.

By conducting ATP Hygiene Monitoring, it provides accurate results that define, monitor & maintain cleaning standards within a facility. A sample is taken with a special swab, which can be found on our Sychem Shop, inserted the EnSURE Touch ATP Hygiene Monitoring system, and a numerical value is returned.

The EnSURE Touch

The EnSURE Touch is a cleaning verification method that consists of a luminometer, test swabs and software (SureTrend Cloud and SureTrend™ Data analysis software).

Hygiena’s SureTrend™ Cloud is a cloud-data analysis software system that unleashes the power of the EnSURE Touch™.

The EnSURE Touch is a comprehensive system, designed to revolutionise both flexibility and ease of use. The system is compatible with all Hygiena ATP swabs and can sync wirelessly with SureTrend Cloud, to centralise all data in one cloud-based location.

A user-friendly system, the EnSURE Touch features a 5-inch touch screen, wireless sync technology, cloud-based software and the ability to conduct a wide range of tests.

As a result, it is the most versatile ATP Hygiene Monitoring system on the market. It can adapt to your workplace and provide everything you need to support a comprehensive risk management programme.

It is an application-driven system that works exactly like a smartphone. In just a few simple touches, users can perform a test, add plans and locations, view results and reports, customise settings and much more!

EnSURE Touch front back Hygiena

What are the advantages of using the EnSURE Touch?

The EnSURE Touch is a ground-breaking piece of technology, defying the design of traditional ATP luminometers.

With its innovative design, simple icons and intuitive navigation, it is the easiest to use ATP meter on the market. In addition, the EnSURE Touch possesses many defining features, including:

  • Easy-to-use & intuitive – no training required
  • Web-based platform – no software downloads needed
  • Unite multiple types of food safety data in one place
  • Invite colleagues and assign roles to increase collaboration, accountability, and organisational buy-in and provide greater visibility into the food safety program
  • The interactive dashboard gives a birds-eye-view of overall testing performance
  • Ready to use reports save time, custom reports add extra detail & personalisation
  • New capabilities are added regularly via seamless and automatic software updates – no need to call IT
  • Unlimited data and storage – complimentary startup costs
  • Easily manage one or hundreds of instruments from one account
  • Track re-tests to discover opportunities for retraining or identify equipment that may need replacing

Where to use the EnSURE Touch?

ATP Hygiene Monitoring, and therefore the Ensure Touch, has a home in a variety of industries. These sectors include; Food and Beverage, Food Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Water Quality, Veterinary & Pet Care, Personal Care & Cosmetics and Industrial & Environmental.

The proportion of hospitals using ATP monitoring as a cleaning verification method is increasing as the medical industry continues its battle against healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates, and the growing demand for cleaner facilities.

How to use the Ensure Touch?

The EnSURE Touch is an incredibly user-friendly system; follow the steps in the document below to carry out the ATP Hygiene Monitoring test using the EnSURE Touch.

EnSURE Touch Sell Sheet English Hygiena

The EnSURE Touch is compatible with a range of Hygiena ATP swabs, including:

The EnSURE Touch and each of these ATP Test Swabs are available on the Sychem Shop.

Visit our ATP Testing page, or visit the Hygiena website to learn more about their complete portfolio of products.


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