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By Nicole - 25th February, 2022 | Posted in Healthcare, Facilities, Hospitality
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Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus is the ‘World’s bestselling ATP Sanitation Monitoring system’, that provides results in as little as 15 seconds!

With a new design and superior performance, the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus is a handheld luminometer instrument used with a detection ATP swab to allow the user to monitor the cleanliness of surfaces and water.

ATP Hygiene Monitoring

There is a universal need across all industries to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices, to ensure businesses operate correctly and safely. Contaminated surfaces and equipment can lead to rapid microbial contamination and, ultimately, the infection of both patients and personnel.  By conducting ATP Hygiene Monitoring, it provides accurate results that define, monitor & maintain cleaning standards within a facility. A sample is taken with a special swab, which can be found on our Sychem Shop, inserted the SystemSURE Plus ATP Hygiene Monitoring system, and a numerical value is returned.

The SystemSURE Plus by Hygiena is an industry-leading piece of technology, and the world’s bestselling ATP Sanitation Monitoring system.

The SystemSURE Plus

The SystemSURE Plus is a cleaning verification system that consists of a luminometer, ATP test devices and the SureTrend dashboard. The SystemSURE Plus has been the number-one ATP Hygiene Monitoring System on the market for over a decade. With its robust technology and industry-leading ease of use, the SystemSURE Plus meets the demands of the largest and smallest companies across the globe.

SystemSURE Plus Profile Hygiena

Why is the SystemSURE Plus the best ATP Hygiene Monitoring System to use?

A simple process and a user-friendly unit, the SystemSURE Plus features many advantages over other ATP Monitoring devices, including:

  • Being the most cost-effective ATP hygiene monitoring system available
  • Battery Power that lasts for Months
  • Providing real-time feedback and facilitating long-term data analysis
  • The unique removable read chamber
  • The ability to optimise and verify that cleaning procedures are working
  • A sleek design for one-hand use
  • No scheduled yearly maintenance is necessary
  • Available Calibration Control Kit for in-house confirmation of calibration
  • Compatible with various tests for surfaces, water samples, and endoscope sampling

How to use the System SURE Plus?

Follow the steps below to carry out a successful ATP test using the SystemSURE Plus:

  1. Turn on the unit and wait 15 seconds for calibration
  2. Remove a swab from the test tube and collect a sample (Swabs can be found on our Sychem shop)
  3. After collecting a sample, place the swab back in the test tube
  4. Crack the top, bend the bulb by bending backwards, forwards and squeezing to expel liquid reagent into swab tube
  5. Lightly shake for 5 seconds to ensure the liquid covers the swab
  6. Place the swab test into the SystemSURE Plus Luminometer and close the lid
  7. Press ‘OK’ and wait 15 seconds for the reading to appear!

Once the result has been printed, it tells the user the levels of ATP present on the surface, and whether further cleaning needs to be carried out.

Where to use the SystemSURE Plus?

ATP Hygiene Monitoring, and therefore the SystemSURE Plus, have a home in various industries. These sectors include; Food and Beverage, Food Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Water Quality, Veterinary & Pet Care, Personal Care & Cosmetics and Industrial & Environmental.

The proportion of hospitals using ATP monitoring is increasing as the medical industry continues its battle against healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates, and the growing demand for cleaner facilities.

Luminometer tips

Here are some helpful tips for using the SystemSURE Plus:

  • When taking sample readings, ensure that the Luminometer is held upright
  • Do not overload test swabs
  • Do not swab a visibly dirty surface. Collecting samples from visibly contaminated surfaces could inhibit the reaction
  • Before using Hygiena AquaSnap devices, flick in a downward motion to ensure the extractant liquid reaches the bottom of the tube
  • Once activated, swab tests must be read within 60 seconds

Sychem and Hygiena partnership

Sychem and Hygiena have worked in partnership since 2004 to provide a range of ATP Hygiene Monitoring systems and swabs. Our extensive product portfolio is offered on our Sychem Shop and includes:


Find out more about our partnership with Hygiena, or visit the Hygiena website to discover more about their full product range.


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