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By Nicole - 24th December, 2021 | Posted in Facilities, Healthcare, Hospitality
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At Sychem, we offer a diverse range of ATP Hygiene Monitoring solutions and devices. ATP Hygiene Monitoring is a cleaning verification method used in a range of industries to test whether the cleaning process has been successful or not. Hygiena offers the EnSURE Touch, a hygiene monitoring verification tool that utilises SureTrend™ Cloud to store all in one, easy-to-locate place.

What is an ATP test?

ATP Hygiene Monitoring Tests works by measuring adenosine triphosphate, more commonly known as ATP, the energy molecule found in all living cells. All forms of organic matter contain ATP, as does microbial contamination on a surface contains ATP; however, it is typically in smaller amounts. Therefore, after the proper cleaning procedure takes place, the levels of ATP should be reduced significantly.  Our partner Hygiena offers many ATP monitoring solutions, available on our Sychem Shop.

Our ATP range includes:

SystemSURE™ Plus

Ensure Touch



AquaSnap™ Free

AquaSnap™ Total

Hygiena Kit and Swab Sychem Own testing ultra snap Portrait

What is the SureTrend™ Cloud?

Hygiena’s SureTrend™ Cloud is a cloud-data analysis software system that unleashes the power of the EnSURE Touch™. The design features World-Class Data Security to protect the system’s results and has over thirty pre-programmed reports. Additionally, the use of this system assists in identifying training opportunities surrounding cleaning protocol. SureTrend™ Cloud uses Microsoft® Azure data storage, scaling, and security monitoring, so users are provided peace of mind that data is encrypted using state-of-the-art technology and the best security practices.

With innovation at its core, the system allows users to view hygiene monitoring tests and results from across multiple facilities. SureTrend™ is free, easy-to-use and wirelessly connects luminometers across numerous facilities. In addition, the system syncs the test results and allows the user to centrally configure between one to hundreds of EnSURE Touch luminometers, and consolidate results from multiple instruments.

A user-friendly system, SureTrend™ Cloud shows a universal view of a food safety programme that allows users to see results sooner and make decisions faster.

The SureTrend™ Cloud can rapidly identify cleaning trends & problem areas, which in turn improves corrective actions, and reduces HAIs. The machine allows the user to develop tailored performance goals, and to work in tandem between environmental services and infection prevention. In addition, users have the ability to track retests to discover opportunities for retraining, or difficult to clean areas.

With over thirty pre-programmed reports to choose from, users can select a template report and tailor it to their desires. For example, select any one of the template reports commonly used within the Healthcare industry, and then customise and save reports to favourites. Users can easily export PDFs for sharing data, or open data sets in Microsoft® Excel® for further, extensive data analysis.

The SureTrend Cloud comes complimentary with each EnSURE Touch luminometer. With multiple language support, SureTrend™ Cloud can be used with ease internationally.

SureTrend™ Data analysis software

Users can install SureTrend™ Data analysis software onto their windows operating system by downloading the latest version from the Hygiena website. Administrative privileges are required to install SureTrend software on any computer. SureTrend may also be installed on a shared network drive, so that multiple business locations, or locations operating multiple Hygiena systems, can upload their test results to one database.

SureTrend can be installed on a virtual machine with USB support for mac users. To connect to SureTrend ™, users must manually connect their luminometer to their computer via a USB cable, and then use the SureTrend Software to record any data all in one place.

Visit the ATP Hygiene Monitoring page to learn more.  

To discover more about SureTrend™ Data analysis software, SureTrend Cloud, Hygiena luminometers or ATP tests, visit the Hygiena website for more information.

Visit the Hygiena Webpage to discover more.


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