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By Nicole - 13th May, 2022 | Posted in All sector
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A luminometer is an essential part of the ATP testing process. Hygiena’s EnSURE Touch and SystemSURE Plus feature luminometers as a part of their design, and are two of the best-selling ATP hygiene monitoring devices on the market.

At Sychem, we are experts in the Infection Control category and can advise our clients on the best ATP tests and devices for their facility.

What exactly is a luminometer, and how does it work?

A luminometer is the name given to a bench mounted or handheld instrument that is used to measure weak emissions of visible light being produced by a sample.

Hygiena’s luminometers, when working with ATP swabs, use bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. The presence of ATP on a surface indicates that cleaning was undertaken improperly, and there is a contaminated presence, which may include food residue, allergens and/or bacteria. Therefore, there is a potential for the surface to harbour & support bacterial growth. Hygiena’s advanced ATP testing devices contain a natural enzyme found in fireflies. This enzyme then produces a simple bioluminescent reaction when it encounters any lingering ATP. Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus and EnSURE Touch ATP luminometers use bioluminescent technology to detect and measure extremely low levels of ATP, collected with testing devices.

Measuring the amount of bioluminescence from an ATP reaction provides an excellent indication of surface cleanliness. This is because the quantity of light generated by the reaction is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample.

The reaction from the bioluminescence is immediate, so results can be processed directly at the test site within seconds. The results are expressed as a numerical value on the luminometer screen as Relative Light Units (RLU).

Why do I need a luminometer in my business?

ATP testing has a home in a variety of industries, including Food and Beverage, Food Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Water Quality, Veterinary & Pet Care, Personal Care & Cosmetics and Industrial & Environmental.

No matter what industry you operate in, monitoring levels of ATP is an essential part of the cleaning process. The EnSURE Touch and SystemSURE Plus are both ATP hygiene monitoring devices that hold a luminometer. It is imperative for businesses to get the correct devices to measure the ATP on their surfaces, to allow facilities to measure and prevent cross-contamination.

The luminometer (when working with the ATP test swabs)

Hygiena’s luminometers (in conjunction with ATP swabs) use bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. Without the luminometer, there would be no way to measure the levels of ATP on a surface, and therefore no way to verify the cleaning practices. Without proper cleaning verification, it could lead to cross-contamination, and consequently the potential infection of anyone who encounters it.

By carrying out ATP testing, businesses ensure the cleaning methods are correct and ensure the safety of staff, customers and (depending on the industry of use) patients.

Hygiena’s EnSURE Touch was designed with many advantages that make it a user-friendly option for facilities that want to carry out ATP Testing.

Where to buy a luminometer?

If you want to buy the best ATP Hygiene Monitoring systems on the market, look no further than our Sychem shop!

Using bioluminescence technology, Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus and EnSURE™ Touch luminometers can measure extremely low levels of ATP collected with testing swabs and devices.

Our brand-new online shop is fully stocked with all of Hygiena’s finest ATP testing technology, including:

View our ATP Hygiene Monitoring page to find out more, or visit the Hygiena webpage to discover their full range of ATP products.


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