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By Anais Eusebio - 12th June, 2022 | Posted in Healthcare
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A Biological Indicator’s purpose is to test whether the sterilisation process is working correctly.

We offer a range of Biological Indicators and auto-reader incubators to test your decontamination equipment.

What is a Biological Indicator?

Biological Indicators are test systems containing viable organisms and are used to test different sterilising equipment.

The indicator provides the user with information on whether the necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms set by ISO for a given sterilisation process.

At Sychem, we offer an extensive portfolio of Autoclaves manufactured by our Italian partner Steelco S.p.A- where the use of these tests is crucial to ensure the machine operates safely and correctly. 

How does a Biological Indicator work? 

Biological Indicators, often referred to as BI’s, are a type of test typically provided in a paper wrap or vial to provide easy application into a process. BI’s, defined by ISO, AAMI or ANSI standards, contain viable microorganisms that provide a very defined resistance to specific steam or chemical sterilisation processes.

The BI’s then provides the user with information regarding whether the necessary conditions were met during the sterilisation process to kill the specific number of microorganisms that are present within the Indicator. Therefore, this proves that the process is working correctly and operating within specification.

What is found within a BI? 

To carry out a test using a Biological Indicator, the BI is made up of viable organisms. Endospores or bacterial spores are the microorganisms that are predominantly used within Biological Indicators, as they are considered some of the most difficult microorganisms to destroy.

Bacterial spores are chosen explicitly for certain sterilisation processes due to their known resistance to that particular method.

For example, Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores are used in Biological Indicators that monitor steam and vaporised hydrogen peroxide, as they possess a high degree of resistance towards these sterilisation methods.

The indicator then provides the information on whether necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms set by ISO for a given sterilisation process. This provides a level of confidence in the process.

BI’s are more frequently used in facilities in the USA but are becoming more popular in the UK. Our biological indicators challenge your sterilisation process with the most resistant living form. Therefore, a Biological indicator is one of the most comprehensive ways to test that your sterilisation process is working.

What does Sychem offer? 

In a UK exclusive partnership with Terragene, we provide a wide range of self-contained biological indicators and auto-readers incubators.

Our products include:

  • IC10/20FRLCD- An auto-reading incubator with an LCD screen, for incubation & readout of biological indicators and hygiene monitoring systems.
  • IC10/20FR- An auto-reading incubator for incubation and readout of biological indicators and hygiene monitoring systems.
  • Mini Bio- An auto-reading incubator for the readout of Bionova® Biological indicators.
  • BT222- A 1h BI for Steam.
  • BT224- A 20min BI for Steam.
  • BT95- A 2h BI for Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • BT96- A 30min BI for Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • BT97- A 1h BI for room disinfection with H2O2.
  • BS-H Holder- A BI holder for room disinfection.
  • BT220- A 3h BI for Steam.
  • BT110- A 4h BI for EtO.
  • BT102- A 2h BI for LTSF.
  • BT80- A 48h BI for Moist Heat decontamination.
  • BT91- A 24h BI for Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • BT93/5- A Spore coupon for Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • BT94- A 48h BI for room disinfection with aerosolised H2O2.
  • BT221- A 1h BI for Steam (Gravity Displacement – IUSS).
  • BT222-T- A 1h BI for Steam (One-by-one traceability).
  • BT223- A 30min BI for Steam (Gravity Displacement – IUSS).

Find out more about our full range of Infection Control consumables, or contact a member of our expert team for more information about our complete range of equipment!

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Visit the Terragene website for more.


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