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Chemical Indicators are required in Healthcare to remain in compliance with the current HTM 01 – 01: 2016, and to confirm that a sterilisation or decontamination process has been adequately performed.

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What is a Chemical Indicator?

Chemical Indicators are required to confirm the sterilisation or decontamination process has been successful.

Chemical indicators are used to check whether the Sterilisation and Decontamination process has been undertaken correctly. They are used to test decontamination equipment to determine whether the sterilisation process is operating to regulatory standards. They are designed to respond to one or more conditions in the sterilisation chamber and are used as part of routine quality monitoring processes. Chemical Indicators can be used in a range of sectors, including Laboratory, Dental, Life Science and Healthcare.

Chemical indicators are used to challenge the sterilisation and decontamination processes that are equal to or greater than the challenge posed by the most challenging item routinely processed through the equipment.

Sychem, the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022, are the UK exclusive partner for the Infection Prevention giant Terragene. We work together to offer an extensive range of consumables to monitor Infection Control processes, including a broad variety of Chemical Indicators.

Our Most Popular Chemical Indicators

At Sychem, we provide various Infection Control monitoring solutions
for your processes, including a variety of Chemical Indicators by our partner Terragene. Our range includes:

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Who are Terragene?

Sychem and Terragene have worked in proud, UK exclusive partnership since 2017.

Terragene are based in Argentina and have offered complete solutions for infection control since 2006, supplying to over 70 countries across the globe. As the UK exclusive partner for Terragene, we at Sychem are proud to provide infection control consumables to various industries.

We also offer the Trazanto, a simple, accurate analysis device for chemical and washing indicators designed to provide clear results with a precision that goes beyond human capabilities. Trazanto harnesses an artificial intelligence (AI) based system for quality and traceability control of washing, disinfection, and sterilisation processes. Together with Bionova Cloud, this enables the streamlining of internal processes and optimisation of central sterile services departments workflow.

Our extensive range of Infection Prevention devices by our partner Terragene includes Protein Residue tests, Chemical Indicators, Cleaning Indicators, Biological Indicators and Traceability devices.

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Compatible equipment

At Sychem, we offer a range of Decontamination equipment manufactured by our Italian partner Steelco. Together, we offer a range of small capacity autoclaves, medium and large capacity autoclaves and low-temperature sterilisers, designed for use in the Healthcare industry.

In the Healthcare industry, the sterile service department’s equipment must be operating to regulatory standards. While the Health Technical Memorandum offers guidance and regulatory compliance on what should be done, choosing the right products to monitor the sterilisation and decontamination processes is up to the department and the facilities Authorised Engineer in Decontamination (AED).

To find out more about Terragene’s extensive range of Chemical Indicators, visit their website.


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