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Specialist Healthcare Equipment and Servicing Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, Sychem is an expert in the field of healthcare.

Our complete healthcare solution encompasses an extensive portfolio of the most innovative and cutting-edge products and services on the market.

Catering to the varying and dynamic needs of the healthcare sector, we provide solutions to any facility ranging from small GP practices to supersized CSSDs.

CIRCLE Healthcare The Complete Solution Infographic

The Complete Healthcare Solution:

Specialist Equipment Servicing

Dedicated Projects Department

Steelco Partnership 

Healthcare Washer Disinfectors

Healthcare Autoclaves and Sterilisers

CSSD Furniture

Cleaning Gun Systems

ATP Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Protein Residue Testing

Chemicals and Detergents

Specialist Healthcare Equipment Servicing Solutions

As the leading provider of healthcare equipment services in the UK, you can trust our team of over 35 engineers stationed across the UK to be there when you need us most.

Whether you require regular washer disinfector servicing or even an emergency autoclave repair, our team of highly skilled professionals are here to ensure your healthcare equipment continues to remain operating at its highest possible potential with minimal downtime.

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance:
    Our contracts are tailored to your needs. Whether you require weekly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual testing, we can design the perfect autoclave or washer disinfector servicing solution for you.
  • Equipment Validation and Testing:
    Our equipment validation and testing services ensure your equipment continues operating at the recognised industry standards. Available independently or with our PPM packages.
  • Breakdown, Emergency Support and Repairs:
    Our emergency breakdown services ensure you are always supported. Whether your equipment requires a full overhaul or a simple parts replacement, we have the solution for you.
  • Engineer Training Academy:
    Our Engineer Training Academy is the ideal space to come and learn from our team of experts who teach the safe, accurate and reliable operation of decontamination equipment and systems.

We service all recognised brands of autoclaves, washer disinfectors and all other decontamination equipment, and our service contracts are fully customisable to meet any facility’s needs. 

Engineer Training Collage

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Dedicated Projects Department

Leading the design, installation and validation of capital equipment, our Projects Department can help transform any healthcare facility with a bespoke, space-efficient layout tailored to integrate with your unique requirements.

Our services include: 

✔️ Design: Supported by our sales and design team, we work alongside you to create the perfect solution.

✔️ Installation: Our multi-faceted installation team will transform your facility with your chosen solution.

✔️ Validation: We will perform specialist equipment validation to meet your required cycle criteria.

Healthcare projects

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Steelco Partnership

Sychem and Steelco have been working together in a long-standing partnership since 2008. Steelco was founded in Italy in 2001 and has been a part of the Miele Group since 2017.

Together, we supply a diverse portfolio of specialist equipment and solutions to private healthcare facilities across the UK to support them with their washing, disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination needs.

Logo Steelco Pantone 654C + MIELE Group Member

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Healthcare Washer Disinfectors

We provide a complete range of Steelco healthcare washers, including instrument, trolley, ultrasonic, and bedpan washers ranging from small, medium, and high-capacity models to meet the needs of any sized facility.

Our compact underbench devices offer solutions for facilities where space is at a premium and provide unmatched flexibility, excellent washing results, and drying efficacy.

For larger facilities, our pass-through freestanding models are the perfect solution and feature state-of-the-art technology for improved efficiency and reduction in energy consumption.

Healthcare washer DS1000

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Trolley Washers

Our range of trolley washers has been specifically developed to address the needs of medium to large central sterilisation supply departments, as well as the reprocessing requirements of operating tables, bed frames, and mattresses.

Designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety, our trolley washers are suitable for barrier installation to prevent cross-contamination and provide both thermal and chemical disinfection, ensuring optimal cleaning, HEPA 14 drying efficacy, and full traceability.

Our portfolio includes:

LC 20: Our compact complete, multi-purpose washing and disinfection device that offers the perfect solution for CSSD configuration when space is at a premium.

LC 80: Our high-capacity washer-disinfector designed to treat instrument containers and lids, plastic crates, and surgical instruments.

Trolley washer disinfectors

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Instrument Washer Disinfectors

Providing fully flexible solutions to achieve desired productivity, even with pre-existing architectural constraints, we offer a complete range of instrument washers designed to meet the needs of any healthcare facility.

Our portfolio includes:

Small-capacity: Compact underbench devices specially designed for situations where space is at a premium.

Medium-capacity: Pass-through freestanding models which feature state-of-the-art technology for improved efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption.

High-capacity: High-performance devices designed to meet the increasing reprocessing demands of modern CSSDs whilst providing fast, reliable, and efficient washing, thermal-disinfection, and drying results.

Instruments washer disinfectors

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Loading Equipment and Automated Transfer Systems

With a focus on process productivity, safety, and workflow optimisation, we offer a comprehensive portoflio of Steelco loading trolleys, racks, baskets, and inserts, as well as wash carts, loading and unloading automated transfers.

Steelco ATS

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Our innovative range of ultrasonic cleaning systems provides flexible solutions for the pre-treatment, cleaning, and thermo-disinfection of complex hollow lumens and microsurgical instruments.

Key features include: 

✔️ Soft touch glass control panel: Soft touch glass control panel with graphic colour LCD display. Use and enable the selection of 20 pre-set programs or an additional 20 user-defined programs.

✔️ Safe and validated processes: SteelcoTronic control system constantly monitors that all critical parameters such as temperature, detergent dosing, water level and equipment functions are correct.

✔️ Design and safety: High-quality stainless steel AISI 316L washing tank and stainless steel AISI 304 external body for long-term reliability and cleanliness.

Available in several different models and sizes to meet the needs of any sized facility. 

US 80 ultrasonic washer

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Bedpan Washers

Our series of Bedpan Washers offers a complete selection of carefully thought-out devices tailored to the needs of private healthcare facilities.

Providing unrivalled hygiene and cleaning standards thanks to state-of-the-art technology, machines offer HEPA 14 drying efficacy, and thermal disinfection of all reusable items such as bedpans, urine bottles, and buckets.

Available sizes include compact, underbench, medium-capacity and large-capacity models.

Bedpan washers

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Drying Cabinets

Separate drying of anaesthetic and instrument accessories significantly increases the throughput capacity of a washer-disinfector. Drying cabinets can accept a load volume of more than two units of washer-disinfectors.

Our Steelco drying cabinets ensure the safe and fast drying of instruments and anaesthesia bags with high-quality AISI 304 construction design and HEPA 14 drying efficacy.

The double-door pass-through model is designed to facilitate barrier installation, which, in turn, minimises cross-contamination and boosts infection control measures.

Steelco drying cabinets

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Healthcare Autoclaves and Sterilisers

We provide a comprehensive range of Steelco healthcare autoclaves and sterilisers for CSSDs, decontamination service units and pathology laboratories. Offering the perfect solution from the smallest clinic to the largest central sterilisation supply department, we can design the perfect bespoke layout to meet your needs.

healthcare autoclaves

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Small, Medium and Bulk-Capacity Healthcare Autoclaves

Our state-of-the-art healthcare autoclaves are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and designed to deliver high productivity and cost-efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality, ergonomics, and safety.

Key features include: 

✔️ Various sizes: Available in several sizes to meet the needs of any private healthcare facility.

✔️ Optimised process speed: Optimised process speed to provide the fastest possible sterilisation processes.

✔️ Eco options: Steelco sterilisers are engineered to offer best-in-class solutions for the reduction of energy.

✔️ Design and safety: High-quality AISI 316 L stainless steel sterilisation chamber and steam process piping.

✔️ User-friendly interface: Clear and easy-to-understand operation tasks to support operators.

✔️ User access levels: Split into 5 levels to ensure that only trained staff have access to specific functions.

freestanding autoclaves

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Tabletop Autoclaves

The VS 1 TT is our compact tabletop steam sterilising autoclave which has a capacity of 1 STU per cycle and is specially designed for small facilities.

The design guarantees versatility, safety, and high performance with the low total life costs of a tabletop unit.

Thanks to its processing speed and low consumption, it is also ideal for “fast track” sterile processes in larger central sterilisation supply departments.

tabletop autoclaves


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Low-Temperature Sterilisers

Our innovative low-temperature vaporised hydrogen peroxide VH2O2 sterilisers guarantee patient safety, ease of use, and high operator safety.

Providing a winning combination of high-standard performance, environmental protection, workflow optimisation, and ergonomics, our sterilisers perfectly balance sterilisation effectiveness and the delicate handling of instruments.

Key features include: 

✔️ Process quality focus: The PL Series guarantees a quality process without waste and interruptions.

✔️ Layout optimisation: Maximise workflow optimisation and ergonomy with process safety.

✔️ Cycle Options: 5 high-performance validated cycles to process different instruments and loads.

Low temperature sterilisers

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CSSD Furniture

Our team of experts can help design the perfect, fully customisable solution for your CSSD with our complete portfolio of furniture and accessories, ensuring the best workflow experience.

Our portfolio includes:

Sinks: Our sinks are fully customisable with an extensive selection of options available to suit your needs.

Packing Workstations: We supply a complete portfolio of Steelco packing workstations available with several customisable configurations.

Transport Carts: Our Steelco mobile storage transport systems offer several configurations and are available to facilities in an open or closed design.


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Cleaning Gun Systems

Ensure the full reprocessing of your medical devices with our stainless steel cleaning gun systems. Compatible with water and decompressed air, our systems are designed to help reduce the risk of transmission of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) from various sources, including contaminated medical equipment.

Key features include: 

Stainless Steel Design: Benefit from an increased life span with our cleaning guns system stainless steel design.

Full Reprocessing: Our cleaning guns can be fully disassembled to ensure every part of the system can be reprocessed for its next use.

Easy Part Replacement: Should any parts of your system get lost or become damaged, easily order their replacement to increase the life span of your system.

Cleaning Gun

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ATP Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Working together in partnership since 2004, Sychem and Hygiena provide a range of industry-leading ATP hygiene monitoring and rapid microbial detection systems.

EnSURE™ Touch

The EnSURE Touch is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports data from trusted quality test devices, providing rapid and accurate sanitation verification data in up to 10 seconds.

Key features include: 

✔️ Intuitive smartphone design: Capture and collect data on our intuitive and easy-to-navigate device.

✔️ Testing options: Compatible with all test devices for ATP, enzyme, allergen, protein and sugar detection.

✔️ Reliable and ready: Accurate test reading every time with built-in controls.

Ensure Touch Hygiena

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Compatible With EnsureTOUCH:

✔️ UltraSnap™: User-friendly ATP surface test designed for use with Hygiena luminometers

✔️ Calcheck: Reliable, easy-to-use, reusable LED calibration verification device

✔️ SureTrend™ Cloud: Free, easy-to-use data analysis software that unleashes the power of the EnSURE™ Touch

Hygiena ultra snap

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Protein Residue Testing

Partners with the Infection Prevention giant, Terragene, we offer a complete portfolio of products designed to fight against infection and tackle contamination.

MiniPro Auto-Reader Incubator

The MiniPro is an auto-reader incubator designed to be used in conjunction with our PRO1 MICRO Pen system for the detection of surface proteins.

Key features include: 

✔️ 3 Positions: For incubation and transmittance readout of hygiene indicators.

✔️ USB connection: Record results on a PC using a readout and traceability software.

✔️ Quick readout in 4 minutes: Results In 4 minutes min at 60 °C.

✔️ Thermal printer results: Track your test results with our thermal printouts.

✔️ Sound alarm: Benefit from a sound alarm for the indication of events.

MiniPro Protein Residue Tetsing

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Compatible With MiniPro:

✔️ PRO 1 MICRO: High-sensitivity protein residue testing pens. Fully quantitative and traceable results when used with the MiniPro Incubator.

✔️ PRO 1 VT: A positive and negative validation kit to validate the efficacy of Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO Hygiene Monitoring System when used with Bionova® MiniPro.

✔️ Bionova Software: Quantify your results and keep all your data in one place with Terragene’s technologically advanced system.

protein residue testing read out pro1micro

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Chemicals and Detergents

Protect your facility, personnel and equipment with our comprehensive portfolio of chemicals and detergents. Covering several applications, trust us to support your healthcare facility.

Our complete portfolio includes:

SychemCONTROL Plus: Patented, proven high-level disinfectant (HLD). Highly effective as a cleaner and terminal HLD against bacterial spores, mycobacteria, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

MediClean: Excellent cleaning performance with perfect material compatibility which is usually only achieved with pH-neutral products.

MediKlar: For rapid, stain-free drying during automated reprocessing of surgical instruments. Significantly shortens the drying time.

PreStop: Corrosion inhibitor for spraying onto surgical instruments in operating theatres directly after use. Prevents pitting corrosion on stainless steel instruments.

SychemPROTECT Plus: Sychem Protect Plus Hand Sanitiser is our odourless, alcohol-free, non-tainting sanitiser which kills >99.999% of bacteria. Sychem Protect Plus Foam Hand Wash is our low-viscosity hand soap that provides a mild and effective formulation which kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds.

Sychem Chemicals

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