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Sychem supplies Laboratory Equipment and solutions that maximise infection control safety, optimise processes and minimise costs. Our focus on innovation has led us to become leaders in areas such as automation and design, improving the efficiency and working environment of those that use our products. 

 Laboratory equipment

Sychem is here to help you make the right decision when choosing the sterilisation equipment. Our Steam Sterilising Autoclaves for the sterilisation of the glassware and other items used in laboratory activities, offer customers versatility, intuitive functionality, high performance, and reliability. Our complete range of reliable Washer Disinfectors and automation solutions focuses on optimal cleaning results and operator safety. Washing Systems can be adapted to effectively decontaminate a wide range of different glassware. Our experienced team can help you to choose the solution that works for you and support you with care and expertise with tailored service plans.

Laboratory Glass Washers

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Steam Steriliser Autoclaves

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Sychem provided a Deep Clean & Bio-Decontamination servicing for the decommissioning of a laboratory to be refurbished by CPMS Office fit-out and Refurbishment Company for the University of Cambridge. The deep clean service was carried out by 2 ...continue reading